Positive Art Program

4 PATHS OF THE POSITIVE ART copie When a person wishes to place an order for a positive work of art, it must go through seven stages before the positive artist can realize the personalized work.



The 7 steps are:

1- Meet the person in question. This person according to his budget chooses a dimension and a support for the work. She chooses either an original work (created for her), or a reproduction (a work created for her but which will be offered for purchase to other people as a reproduction of a general work).

2- To dialogue with the positive artist. A duration of three to four hours makes it possible to locate the orientations to be taken for the creation of the work.

3- Fill out questionnaires. This helps to estimate the psychological state of the person.

4- Propose a version of the work to the client. A test is done to see if the first contact with the work was positive or not. If the test is not positive, the artist reworks the work.

5- Evaluate the number of sessions needed. In view of a positive result expected and following the objectives set beforehand, it will be necessary to choose between 20 or 40 sessions if it is considered that the objective requires more time to be reached. The rhythm of the sessions is one per week. Sessions are included in the price of the work. Sessions are used by the artist to explain how the person will become the work she will contemplate.

6- Contemplate the work every day. Contemplation is done consciously and not consciously.

7- Evaluation of the experience. It is advisable to continue the contemplative practice of the work to prolong the effects of the entire process of experimentation.


During this experiment, the artwork with the positive artist seek to remove all the obstacles that keep the client out of his inner and outer well-being. Only the willingness is needed to obtain results. Here no medications. We use the natural law of the Universe which are good sense, logical, rationaliy, and the emotional intelligence via the consciousness to learn how to control our nervous system and the law of attraction / repulsion.

Love, Peace and Joy for all of you.

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