What Positive Art can do


By Questioning, observerving and practicing,

the quest of the positive art is the find the Truth about Everything.

By Everything it means Everything that turn around the human been.

By questioning Everything without the fear to discover the true Truth of all states of things, you will see crystal clearly what is true and what is wrong in your life.

For example, you could answer these kind of questions:

  • who am i truly
  • is my love story is a true love story?
  • is my life’s goal is a true life’s goal?
  • is my actual job is the true job i have to do and continue?
  • my suffering, what makes it real?
  • why i always attract negative situations?
  • why my project is blocked?
  • and so on.

Using the causality concept help to find the cause of a disorder by better resolving the effect.


Positive Art emerged from the reflections of the artist Dean Ildefonse in 2012, following an interaction with a person prone to emotional disorders. Gradually, the positive art, inspired by positive psychology, neuroscience and spirituality, was made from shapes (animals, landscapes, objects, nature) colors, words and positive phrases with a dual aesthetic and conscious purpose. The artwork must create something pertaining to the psychic reaction of the beholder. The idea is that we give the person the artwork as a visual stimulus, and we provide explanations to enhance consciousness and well-being. The objective is to lead that person within a positive psychological environment. Positive art can be both general (an artwork created for everyone) or individual (an artwork created for one specific person with an objective of psychic result defined between the artist and the patient). The goal is to increase the sensory information of the artwork in areas of the brain that will activate a connection related to memory of something pleasant that was experienced or imagined. The artwork must therefore act as a stimulus that pleases the person at first sight. Furthermore, if the pleasure effect is effective, the same artwork will act as a repetitive stimulus to install a sustainable well-being.

During this experiment, the artwork with the positive artist seek to remove all the obstacles that keep the client out of his inner and outer well-being. Only the willingness is needed to obtain results. Here no medications. We use the natural law of the Universe which are good sense, logical, rationaliy, and the emotional intelligence via the consciousness to learn how to control our nervous system and the law of attraction / repulsion.

Love, Peace and Joy for all of you.

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Thanks for reading 🙂

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