Conscience Art

What Art is ?


We embody great ideas, great truths, great values in a sensitive material. Also, the ambition of art is to resolve the dualism between self and non-self. It is identified that art belongs to relaxation of the mind.

Art brings us to the following three definitions:

1- The work of art is not a natural product, but a product of human activity.

2- The work of art is created primarily for the man and in particular addressing his meaning.

3- The work of art has an end in itselfIt.

It is through study that the artist becomes aware of the content of the work of art and takes possession of the material and content of his conceptions.

What Conscience Art is ?

Conscience Art is a program of inner and outer optimization of the self through the visualization of a work of CONSCIENCE ART, meditation and the experience of consciousness and non-consciousness. Conscience Art is inspired by the work of self-esteem, positive psychology, Mindfulness, emotional intelligence, neuroscience (the basics of brain function), metaphysics, and life observations of Dean ILDEFONSE. The artwork strives to represent your being in order to discover your unique qualities and to optimize them. With you, the artwork will act as a visual stimulus (conscious and unconscious). You are working to become the work in its entirety, in a word, you will be the work and the work will be you!

Conscience Art is the essence of love for the love of life, it is an art committed to commitment, it is a devoted art for dedication, it is an OPTIMISTIC art . Here we joke about a lot of things, but we do not joke about the good living of human beings.