Creation of Conscience Artwork

The customer who wishes to order a conscience artwork must go through several stages before the artist can complete the personalized work. The first step is to meet the willing person. This person according to his budget chooses a dimension and a medium for the work. The second step consists of dialoguing with the conscious artist for a period of three to four hours in order to locate the orientations to be taken for the creation of the work. The third step consists of a series of questions to be completed by the person. The fourth step, the artist offers a version of the work to the client. A test is carried out to see if the first contact with the work was positive or not. If the test is not positive, the artist reworks the work. The fifth step is for the artist to evaluate the number of sessions necessary for a positive result according to the objectives set beforehand. It can be 20 or 40 sessions if you feel the goal takes longer to reach. The rhythm of the sessions is one per week. The sessions are included in the price of the work. The sessions are used by the artist to explain how the person will become the work he is going to contemplate. The sixth step is to contemplate the work every day in a conscious and non-conscious way, then to participate in the sessions defined with the artist. The seventh step concerns the evaluation of the experience. It is advisable to continue the contemplative practice of the work to prolong the effects of the whole process of experimentation.