Work of Positive Art & Sessions

The Positive Art XPeriment Program is based on these approaches:

  • Utilization of the positive Art as conscious and inconscious stimilus
  • Self-Esteem (confidence in the efficacy of our mind, in our ability to think and also the confidence in our ability to learn, make appropriate choices and to take appropriate decisions and manage change)
  • Cognitive and behavioral therapy
  • Positive psychology (study of the conditions and processes that contribute to the flourishing or optimal functioning of people)
  • Mindfulness (Meditation with the seven principles are: patience, non-judgment, the beginner’s mind, the effortless, trust, letting go, acceptance)
  • Emotional intelligence (self-awareness, identification and control of his own emotions, controlling impulses, the ability to delay gratification of its desires, ability to bear stress and to calm his anxiety, the ability to identify emotions of others and control relationships with others)
  • Neurosciences’ basis
  • Dean Ildefonse ‘s life experiences
  • Causality principles

The program duration is depending of the treated solution. Usually, it can be 6 months or 12 months.

The rate includes the work of Positive Art and the session.

To know the rates of your program you must calculated the chosen work of art and add up the rates of the number of sessions.

Positive Art XPeriment Program fee is calculated by the choice of the work out facilities from following criterion:

– Art Reproduction on paper 47.2×31.5 inch Size: $ 200
– Art Reproduction on paper 86.6×43.3 inch Size: $ 400
Or Discovery price
– Limited edition (53 copies) on 47.2×31.5 inch art paper: $ 2,600
– Limited edition (53 copies) on 86.6×43.3 inch art paper: $ 4,400
Or Art lover price
– Limited Edition (8 copies) about 47.2×31.5 inch art paper: $ 7,100
– Limited Edition (8 copies) about 86.6×43.3 inch art paper: $ 9,800
Or Art Collector price
– Original on plexiglas plates 47.2×31.5 inch: $ 70,000
– Original on plexiglas plates 86.6×43.3 inch: PRICE ON DEMAND
– Original on plexiglas plates 188.9×125.9 inch: PRICE ON DEMAND
Or Art Collector price
– Original Light box on 47.2×31.5 inch: $ 70,000
– Original Light box on 86.6×43.3 inch: PRICE ON DEMAND
– Original Light box on 188.9×125.9 inch: PRICE ON DEMAND


  • Rates for a 45 minutes session: $ 200 for an individual client face to face and occasionnally by Skype
  • Rates for a 60 minutes session: $ 250 for a couple face to face and occasionnally by Skype
  • Only by Skype rates for 45 minutes session: $ 120 for an individual client
  • Only by Skype rates for 60 minutes session: $ 160 for a couple

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