Positive Artist Statement


Everything starts with the premise of my first loves missed!
An inability to express my feelings, since…


What interests me is to express the human relationship, to learn about the inner functionality of the human being and share them. I like the report to emotion, the report to feeling and much more to see the same human being in harmony with his Self within and happiness!

My eventful youth was filled of dream, hope, wish, treason, deception, false hope, greediness. My heartbeat youth x-perience was too strong to my delicate small heart. That why, younger I have failed in many love relationships.
Since this stage, I need to express myself. It’s a thing than I could not do before.
That why, words are deliciously important now in my work.

My works turns around the Human relationship between individuals. I love to see a human being in peace with himself. I’m trying to take part to some actions to change a depressive mind toward a positive mind.

Presently, I’m deeply involved in neurosciences and positive psychology research to try to understand how my artworks can help people to feel good and how I can bring to them the light, the joy and the positive thinking.

What make me think than if the human being never had a positive attitude, there is some millions of years than humanity would be decimated!

Today through my words, I am trying to describe my passion of happiness and positive experience. By following the smile shining, attractive stuff as the aesthetic, beauty, pureness form and honesty. I’m not especially looking for provocation but to tell the truth like it is, with no rule!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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