When i met Lord Buddha


When i met Lord Buddha


What Art is ?

The Art consists of embodying the spiritual in material. We embody great ideas, great truths, great values in a sensitive material.

Little Flashback

Five years ago, i felt a strange connection with the Universe. I could see and understand some insight. In a sense, it was as if the Universe show me the right path for what to do, what to think and how to behave. Step by step, i tried to give up been led by my ego and my selffishness. The thing is far to be easy. It is like if i decided to climb the himalayan mountain and once at the summit, throw my ego far away in the air and feel everlasting peace and joy.

Came to me a question in 2016: « now, what is the purpose of the accumulated knowledge in sciences and spirituality. What a positive artist should do ? »

An insight said to me « forsake everything and go far away ».

Fine !

India was chosen as the retreat place. There, acceptance was my leading experience. I took almost everything that came to me.

A sweet man brought me to the Deer-park of Sipatan in Sarnath, Varanasi. I felt so delightful to be in the holy place where Buddha made his first sermon 2500 years ago Under a Bodhi tree once have been enlightened. Each day after the first visit i went here as a pilgrim. Few days later, i received what i call an insight from Buddha saying «  Hey, you are an artist ! Look at the shape of the leaves of the boddhi tree. You could do some artwork with it. » I looked at the leaves and said to me «  yes may be i can create something nice to put under a frame » and i started to collect a handful of leaves one day after another.

Happily lost in my thoughts, walking near the Buddha’s temple i Fallen on a mobile book store and guess what ? I saw a book with the cover illustrated by the holy leaf. I smiled to the Universe with love. Indeed, this leaf is really a piece of art.

Back to France i read « the story of the Lord Buddha and the Dhammapada » to learn more about its  life and its teaching and started to work on the creation.


Here is how the story of this collection began … with faith, patience , and acceptance.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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