Positive Art Silence Weekend

Art and silence, inner purifier!


The Positive Art Silence Weekend is a new approach to art. It’s a short silence retreat. This new concept invites us to withdraw from the daily turmoil of our lives. Around a positive work of art, for a weekend, we will enter into communion with the silence emanating from the painting. We will also practice five activities around this painting such as meditation, contemplation, meditative walking, devotee stretching and sound purification.  

The purpose of this silent weekend of 15 hours of active and passive meditation is to regenerate mind and body, to calm cerebral and nervous activity, to discover inner and outer peace and to develop one’s consciousness. All using an artwork. Yes, an artwork! The famous philosopher Hegel said: “Art consists in embodying the spiritual in material, so the ambition of art is to solve the dualism between the self and the no self, between the body and the mind. “By promoting the relaxation of the mind by opening ourselves to art, we open ourselves to a universe that soothes us and this appeasement is the first essential step towards self-awareness and satisfaction.

The lifestyle of our current societies is pressing us. Fatigue covers us, stress heats us, noise irritates us, so we complain, and we want to go far. We dream of calm and silence, but don’t really get it. This is the finding observed if we take the time to look around. Luxury is not what it was. Luxury now lies in nothingness, minimalism, calm and silence. A bit of nothing gives a lot of everything. A lot of everything gives nothing. And then, 6 years ago, a new approach was born, Positive art. It is a multiple and relativistic concept in itself. Its goal? Decrease the activity of the mind and body, promote inner peace and develop consciousness. All using art. Art and silence as inner purifier.

The idea came quite naturally during the research and development phase of positive art. Silence and calm are essential steps for the purification and regeneration of the body. Silence is present in every activity where well-being is sought after. Silence is vital in itself. In the program, the meditative walk cleans the mind and promotes the production of serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter involved in the management of moods and associated with the state of happiness. Meals and exercises are therefore thought in terms of intake and production of serotonin.

The Positive Art Silence Weekend will run in severals cities of France. Silence will conquer urban nuisances for the greater good of all, we hope.

For more information on the Silence Weekend program, feel free to contact Baba D. by email dean@thepositiveart.com