Law of Lord Buddha


It is said that 2500 years ago in India, after having accumulated good deeds and slowly purifying his soul, Lord Gautama was going to become a buddha. After a night of deep meditation and questionning, in a sudden blind flash, the truth was made known to him, and he understood the Divine Law of everlasting peace and joy, which is the true entity. People who were thirsty for existance and longed for worthless, temporary things of this world, would be born and born again. Birth in this world means sorrow and pain, for when men are born they must go through the cycle of birth, old age, disease, and finally death. They suffer because they start demanding of this transitory and changing world, things which it does not have the power to give them. They ask for eternel life for themselves and for their loved ones, joy and peace in terms of the values of this world, and when they see death, old age, and disease around them, as well as those whom they love stricken by misfortune, they suffer pain. Frustated in their own quest for happiness, they in turn act and behave in a way which inflicts pain on others, and thus it become a vicious cycle: each one striving for his their own selfish cravings and desires, while hurting those around them. The cure for this sad state of being was that first of all, men and women must be aware of their true nature. They have lost sight of their Divine selves and identified themselves with vain illusions and false dreams. This darkness must be dispelled.


And so Lord Buddha meditated on how that could be done. First, he decided that man must not ask the impossible from life. Next, he must order and live his life in such a way that he will gradually arrive at his divine nature and enter Nirvana, hence putting an end to birth and rebirth. It was then that Lord Buddha arrived at four great truths which are the Laws of the Wheel of Life consisting of: pain, the cause of the pain, the destruction of pain and the way leading to that destruction. And so he saw that the way was eightfold, that for one who treads that path and firmly resolves that in every action, effort, thought, speech and conduct will strive towards the goal, the joys of endless bliss, having Nirvana as the reward. The noble eightfold paths are: the right view, the right aspiration, the right speech, the right action, the right livehood, the right effort, the right mindfulness and the right concentration.

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