Where positive art come from?

Positive art has developed in successive stages over the years, much like streams of rainwater forming a stream. Three major stages in Dean Ildefonse’s life have led to the genesis of positive art. The first step was the call of conscience he received in the playground when he was only eight years old. The message said that it is not right to lie because it distorts the relationship to the world and the truth of everything. The second stage concerns the discovery of art as a means of expression. Where the emotional blockages point the tip of their nose, proudly brandishing his new tool and expressing himself, he is then 19 years old. The third step is the fusion between art and synchronicity. The correspondence between a suffering soul, him and his art that brings us to the last and fourth stage, that of art and consciousness. The universe puts him to the test, pushes him to his limits and questions himself enormously, he is then 41 years old. In 2012, the positive art was presented in contact with a beautiful young woman sent by the universe. An epistolary correspondence that lasted about two years that was the trigger for the birth of Positive Art. Thus the creation of positive art consisted in wanting to bring help to a person in distress.


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